Invoice Discounting


Invoice Discounting releases cash from your invoices in the same way as factoring however,
the lender does not provide any credit management service to help collect your outstanding invoices. 



Discounting is basically a confidential version of factoring. The financier will not manage your sales ledger or chase the debt on your behalf. They will instead lend you money against your unpaid invoices, usually an agreed percentage of the total value.

As your customers pay the invoices, the money goes to the financier. This will reduce the amount you owe and therefor release available funds from your new sales invoices up to the percentage you originally agreed. It can be arranged confidentially so your customers won’t find out.




  • Funding advanced up to 90% of the value of approved invoices


  • Funds can be advanced against new invoices by the next working day


  • Bad debt protection available through Non-Recourse Confidential Invoice Discounting


  • Provides certainty of funding; as sales grow so does the amount of funding available


  • You maintain responsibility for your sales ledger, credit control and collection of outstanding invoices, meaning your customers are unaware of our involvement

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